Paddling the Wekiva River, Ethel, FL May 6, 2014

As we put in on the swollen Wekiva River this morning and headed upstream we found a Limpkin and her chick right away. Next up were some young Anhingas sunning above us. There were Osprey, Great and Little Blue Herons and Moorhens all out feeding too. We turned to go downstream and paddled in the shade line of the East shore. As we looked up we were just in time to see a Bald Eagle take flight over head. We passed him again further downstream and an Osprey and Red-shouldered Hawk chased him across the river. It was a cool sight to see the massive Bald Eagle, mid-sized Osprey and smaller Hawk all within feet of each other. When we returned back to the landing there were 2 Sandhill Cranes with their chicks walking along the grassy area of the sea wall. It was a great day for paddling. The sky was bright blue, the Eel Grass, Airplants, Spatterdock, Elderberry and Alligator Weed are all in bloom and today was yaker's bliss!

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